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NCHARRP Safety Leadership Video Coaching Solution

Our NCHARRP Safety Leadership Video Coaching solution was created to provide you with an abundance of valuable content to use as a part of your injury prevention efforts. These professionally produced, high energy and engaging videos are currently being used by thousands of companies across the country. These videos create an opportunity to inject brief "safety moments" into a variety of meetings. These videos include strategies for leading safety in ways that minimize resistance and maximize participation.

We currently have 181 NCHARRP member safety leaders who receive emails from our video coaching system once every two weeks. If you are not one of them but are interested, please ask your safety leadership to share them with you. You can simply click on the link contained in the email to gain access to all of them. If you are a safety leader and are not currently receiving the emails, please send a note to NCHARRP to get added to the recipient list.

Safety Leadership Website Page

Safety Leadership web page The Energized Aproach